Action Launcher gets a super update with lots of new features

Action Launcher mendapatkan pembaruan super dengan banyak fitur baru

THE Action Launcher, as the name implies, is a launcher quite functional application. Today, the developer responsible for it, Chris Lacy, released the latest app update, and with it came many interesting news: integration with Live Wallpapers, customizable gestures and shortcuts, among others. Check the news.

action launcher 3 teaser

What’s new for version 3.3 / © ANDROIDPIT

The colors of launcher adapt to the wallpaper being used, even if it is a Live Wallpaper. This novelty comes with an open API, as it requires the Wallpaper developer to make changes for compatibility to occur. At the moment, only Minima Live Wallpaper is 100% compatible with Action Launcher.

action launcher home

The search bar changes according to the wallpaper. / © ANDROIDPIT

Another great novelty are the customizable shortcuts and gestures. There are a lot of options here: you can customize what the Home button does if you touch it once, twice or three times; two or three touches on any blank space can also gain functions. Slide your finger from bottom to top, top to bottom, horizontally, with several fingers, …

action lancher menu

The side menu and the background of the shortcuts also accompany the color of the wallpaper. / © ANDROIDPIT

After choosing one of the various gestures or shortcuts, you can confirm it to perform actions, open apps or shortcuts. Everything is very simple, it only takes time to learn which gesture does what.

action launcher settngs

Several options of shortcuts and gestures. / © ANDROIDPIT

In addition to these changes, the app also gained new animations à la Material Design. The Action Launcher has a free version, with limitations, and two paid versions: the normal one costs R $ 14.99 and releases all the functions of the app; and the donation costs R $ 24.99, and in addition to releasing all functions, it also shows a donor medal in the app settings.

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