Action by PJ and ASAE generates movement to close Portuguese P2P sites

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After last week an operation by the Judiciary Police and the Food and Economic Security Authority (ASAE) led to the closure of three of the most popular Portuguese P2P sites, some smaller services are being «voluntarily suspended» by simply going offline or justifying themselves to users.

The Cooperative Mule, also known as Max[PT] is one of those who assumes that the closure of the project follows the actions carried out last week. «Recent events with other P2P sites, even though they are sites operating in ways clearly different from ours, made us wake up to a reality to which, for the sake of our personal lives, we are not interested in being subject. And despite the the fact that we are all aware that this project of ours has nothing to sanction, we are not willing to subject ourselves to something similar to what happened recently «, can be read in the message from the administrators.

Others trackers they suspended the service at least temporarily, but with less clear messages. This is the case with Raxs, which is simply offline, or Last Revolution, whose page features the message “OFFLINE – For Security Reasons. Thank you. ”. Latrix-Team also indicates that it is closed for maintenance.

We blogs Portuguese connected to the technology there are several notifications that other sites would have been offline, although they were active again, such as and OVerdadeiro, which may indicate preparation for changes to international servers or simply temporary failures.

The wave of P2P site closures after actions by law enforcement agencies is also common in other countries as managers do not want to be subject to the same problems and lawsuits. It is recalled that the PJ and ASAE communicated after the closure of BTuga, ZeTuga and ZeMula that the investigations continued.

The action that led to the closure of the three P2P sites last week had unprecedented contours in Portugal, also leading to the seizure of material and materialization of accusations against the managers of the sites, who were constituted defendants and subject to a Term of Identity and Residence.

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