Nokia sued in Brazil

Acer sues state

Nokia sued in Brazil

This Wednesday, Acer entered the Administrative Court of Lisbon, with a request to cancel the public tender for the supply of computers and services related to 2nd and 3rd cycle schools, launched by the Ministry of Education.

The action takes place after the publication of the final evaluation report of the contest, about two weeks ago, which confirmed the award of the contest to Hewlett-Packard.

Acer’s intention to sue the Government was evident when the preliminary results of the public tender were announced, where the company ranked third.

«According to the remaining competitors, namely Acer, the Government took an illegal decision, violating the principles of transparency, impartiality and equity», says Acer in a press release.

According to Acer, HP’s proposal was 14 million euros more expensive than those presented by the remaining competitors, in addition to not meeting all the required requirements. «The decision of the Ministry of Education clearly translates into a huge burden for public finances at a time of economic crisis», he accuses.

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