Acer strengthens market share with acquisition of Gateway

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The Chinese company has just announced the strengthening of its operations by acquiring all the shares of the manufacturer Gateway, which means an investment of close to 520 million euros.

According to information published by Acer, it remains to receive approval from regulatory bodies for the deal to be finalized since the boards of directors of both companies have already agreed on the terms of the transaction. Everything indicates that the purchase process should be concluded in December.

With this acquisition, Acer is able to increase its presence in the United States, where Gateway is the fourth manufacturer that sells more computers and consolidate its participation in the world market «reaching the third position as a computer manufacturer», says the company in a statement .

Company officials also stress the importance that the business has for operations already carried out in Europe and Asia and stress that this is an opportunity to «implement an effective multi-brand strategy to cover the main market segments».

Gianfranco Lanci, president of Acer, said, however, that his company will try to differentiate the brands in order to reach different market segments.

In a press release, Acer states that the combination of sales of its products with those of Gateway is expected to result in revenues of around 10.980 million euros with sales reaching more than 29 million PCs.

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