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Acer shows Android tablet

Acer’s CEO, Gianfranco Lanci, showed yesterday who will be the next tablet from the manufacturer, supported on the mobile operating system promoted by Google, Android.

The revelation, which has filled the pages of various blogs and media in the specialized press, came during a presentation of several new gadgets that the brand is getting ready to launch, and was first reported by Shufflegazine, which managed to photograph the device.

The device shown is very similar to an ebook reader, such as Amazon’s Kindle, presenting what appears to be a small keyboard integrated into the bottom of the device – contrary to what has been the latest trend for tablets.

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It is only confirmed that the touchscreen of the new Acer pocket computer measures seven inches and that it will go on sale between October and December. However, the markets where it will be available or likely prices for the equipment have not been specified.

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Another of the advanced features is the 3G connection, something that the responsible person will have given to understand, without however confirming the information. Nor did it reveal whether it would be sold through the usual channels or by mobile operators.

At the same event, the company also presented a new mobile phone with Android OS and an ebook reader – with a 6-inch monochrome screen, 2GB of internal memory and microSD card slot.