Acer second with rising PC market

اشترى البرتغاليون أكثر من 900 ألف كمبيوتر محمول في عام 2011

Acer overtook Dell and took second place on the global PC manufacturing podium, according to IDC data for the third quarter of 2009, a period in which sales were strong, fueling hopes for recovery.

The number of PCs sold between July and September surpassed 2.3 percent the total registered in the same period last year, standing at 78.1 million units.

Sales by current market leader HP grew 9.3 percent, according to IDC, giving the manufacturer a 20.2 percent market share.

The highlight, however, is for Acer, which benefiting from the popularity of netbooks, managed to increase its sales by 25.6 percent, taking second place in the ranking, with 14 percent of the sector.

Among the top five manufacturers, Dell was the only one to experience a drop in sales, with Lenovo and Toshiba maintaining respectively the fourth and fifth places on the table.

According to IDC, Acer and HP benefited from the aggressive pricing policies adopted and the increased demand from consumers to capture the market. Dell, in turn, is said to have been hurt by the companies’ containment strategy.

The consultant considers the performance of the PC market in this third quarter to be very significant, mainly because it showed growth compared to a period of good performance.