Acer president says iPad market share will drop to 20–30% in the future

Currently the iPad dominates about 100% of the tablet market, but in the opinion of J. T. Wang, president of Acer, this will not last long. In an interview with the Economic Daily News (Google Translate), the executive stated that the stabilization of the tablet segment, with the entry of several competitors, will bring the iPad's share to around 20% to 30%.

JT Wang, President of Acer

Using the smartphone market as a reference, Wang pointed out the fact that Android has already surpassed iOS in market share and that, historically speaking, open systems have always beat closed systems. That must be why all Acer computers use Linux instead of Windows.

As they said in the Cult of Mac, and da, if the market share iPad drop? IOS may not be the world's best-selling smartphone platform, but it still generates astronomical profits for Apple and is always used as a benchmark for quality: every new phone has to answer first if it’s as good as the iPhone, and then later be able to tell your story. Oh, and remember that no Android alone sold more than Apple devices, so they are always counted together.

There is no doubt that, a year after the tablet market was made almost out of nowhere, many companies will finally launch their offerings; nevertheless, the iPad will most likely remain the standard measure. Consumers are right when looking for other alternatives, but it’s good to remember that competition doesn’t help anyone: if Acer wants to enter the tablet market, it’s good that it brings something well done, and not just another netbook without a keyboard to join so many others.