Acer ordered to reimburse customer for unwanted inclusion of operating system on a PC

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A French judge gave reason to an Acer customer who, when buying a PC, demanded the company to reimburse the amount paid for the operating system, since he would prefer to have access to a machine without software pre-installed. The brand refused and the client appealed to the court that considered his request legitimate.

The equipment in question cost $ 700 which, according to the judge’s decision, will spend less than half with the $ 180 discount for the operating system, $ 70 for Microsoft Works, $ 50 for PowerDVD, $ 45 for Norton anti-virus and $ 43 for NTI CD Maker. To this value is added an indemnity for the refusal to comply with the customer’s request, advances Noticias Dot.

To the decision the judge added that the sale of hardware and software must be made separately and even using separate invoices, so the customer has every right to be reimbursed for the use software included in the equipment.

In the EMEA region, which includes Europe, Acer is the second largest PC manufacturer. Figures from the Gartner Group indicate that in the second quarter of the year the manufacturer has accumulated a 20.3 percent share, a 35.2 percent growth .

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