Acer jumps to No. 1 on PCs, according to Gartner

Acer jumps to No. 1 on PCs, according to Gartner

Acer ranked first in sales of desktops and laptops in Portugal in the last quarter of 2009, with a market share of 28%, according to the final data from the consultancy Gartner, today released at a press conference by Gabriel Rios, Sales Manager of Acer Ibérica. The retail market was the strongest segment, along with sales integrated into the program for the education market, the e-school.

Gartner’s figures refer to the final figures for the fourth quarter of 2009, placing Acer in first place in sales of desktops (with 21,744 units and a 29.1% share) and laptops (notebooks and netbooks), where sales registered are 87,362 units and 26.1%.

These figures differ from the data from the consultant IDC for 2009, which give HP the first place for the sum of PCs and laptops, although JP Sá Couto and Toshiba have sold more notebooks and netbooks in the whole year. However, IDC’s figures already highlighted Acer’s significant growth during the year.

The different way of classifying equipment sales data justifies the difference in rankings between the two consultants, with Gartner’s figures being HP second in notebooks with 77,060 machines sold and Toshiba in third, with 58,425 machines. As for PCs, the second position also belongs to HP, with 17,267 machines sold, and the third to JP Sá Couto, with 7,459 PCs delivered in the 4th quarter of 2009.

Gabriel Rios told TeK that the company is very satisfied with these results, which are a reflection of the strong bet that was made on the Portuguese market and that is reflected in the duplication of the commercial team and in the strengthening of sectors such as Education and Telcos.

The company has been rising steadily in the sales rankings, solidifying its position in recent years, and promises news in the global data for 2009 that Gartner is due to present soon.

Acer today presented a new line of notebooks, the Aspire TimelineX, which includes four new devices with Intel’s new Core i3, i5 and i7 processors and longer battery life, with autonomies between 8 and 12 hours. One of the new equipment is already on sale, the model with an 11.6 «screen, with two more models expected to hit stores in the coming weeks.

In addition to PCs, Acer is also betting on the market for projectors, monitors and smartphones, and is introducing new Android-based terminals, including Acer Liquid, which can already be purchased in some stores.