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Acer Ibérica with renewed hopes in the Portuguese market

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Acer Ibérica presented today the financial results for 2007 and disclosed some of the plans to be implemented in the national market throughout this year.

António Papale, managing director of the manufacturer’s Iberian division, began by announcing that over the past year, Acer had worldwide revenues of US $ 14.6 billion, a preliminary result that includes revenues from the last two and a half months of 2007 from Gateway. The value obtained represents an increase of 25 percent compared to 2006 and shows how, in a market where 271 million PCs were sold among all manufacturers, the computer ends up as saying «as an element of first need».

After some time not devoting special attention to the Portuguese market, Acer Ibérica found that there was a need to change this trend. This is because, not only was Portugal the Western European market with the highest growth in the last year, according to Gartner figures, but it also showed a greater adhesion to new technologies compared to other markets.

The 32.5 percent growth registered in Portugal, and the turnover of 50 million euros – of the 635 million registered by the Iberian division -, are more than enough reasons for Acer to bet more on the Portuguese market. In this context, the manufacturer closed last year in Portugal with a growth rate of 89.4 percent, which guaranteed it the third position in the global PC market with a share of 11 percent in desktops and 12.5 percent in the notebook segment.

For 2008, the manufacturer’s objectives are to increase turnover, which they want to raise up to 70 million euros, to optimize the new wholesale plan, which makes DLI their partnership, by focusing on the business segment and above all by recovering leadership in the market notebooks.

Another objective is to invest in new product lines within the range of notebooks, desktops, monitors, projectors and servers and the focus on other vectors of differentiation: approximation between technologies and the user, design avant-garde equipment and products.

With regard to the approximation between technologies and the user, António Papale focused on the interest that Acer has in participating in the e-schools initiative, promoted by the Government. The impact that the project had on the growth of the national market and the benefits it brings to all stakeholders are two decisive factors in determining the responsible person who indicated that, «later this year», Acer intends to «collaborate on the initiative». For that, only the feedback operators regarding the proposal presented by the manufacturer.

Finally, the new organization of Acer Portugal was presented, a new structure that results from the results obtained in the market and which aims to explore the country’s full potential.

In January this year, a new organizational system was launched, aimed at expanding Acer’s presence and market share in Portugal. Following this bet, Gabriel Rios takes over the sales team, with a distribution manager and two channel sales managers, while the consumer department is maintained by two resale managers.

This structure brings the total team to the national market to six elements, contrary to what happened so far, when there were only two responsible for the Portuguese market.

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