Acer dominates European computer market

Acer dominates European computer market

Gartner published the quarterly results for the sale of computers in Europe and found that Acer dominated, for the first time, the market over the period analyzed.

According to the consultant, the Taiwanese brand gained a 25 percent share in the computer market, surpassing the numbers of HP, which currently holds a 20.7 percent share.

The data compiled by Gartner indicates that Acer sold 4.29 million computers, representing a growth of 64.3 percent over the same period last year.

HP reduced its share by more than two percentage points due to the sale of 3.54 million pieces of equipment, 12.1 percent more than in the same period last year, but not enough to face the competitor.

Dell remains third on the table, with 1.98 million computers sold on European soil, thus recording a market share of around 11.6 percent – 1.4 percent less than last year.

As for Asus, the first manufacturer to enter the mini-segmentlaptops, the numbers obtained in the quarter were more than satisfactory, says Gartner, The company increased its sales by almost 196 percent thanks to the sale of 1.1 million computers, which earned it a 6.4 percent share compared to the 2.7 percent obtained in the same period in 2007.

Toshiba came in fifth on the table with sales of around 928,000 computers, 23 percent more than a year ago.

The figures guaranteed him a 5.4 percent share in the European market.

In total, the consultant says that in the third quarter, 17.2 million pieces of equipment were sold in Western Europe, which represents a growth of 24.3 percent compared to the values ​​recorded exactly one year ago.

Gartner’s analysis stresses the importance that the consumer trend towards the purchase of smaller and cheaper models, the netbooks, contributed significantly to the growth of the market and, above all, contributed to the rise of Acer to the first place in the table of the most sold brands.

For the fourth quarter, the consultant estimates that the market will register a fall resulting from the economic crisis even though the traditional sales increase in the Christmas season is observed, when the brands show more attractive prices and campaigns.

Editorial Note: The news was corrected in the information regarding the origin of the Acer brand.