ACEP wants to accelerate the achievement of the objectives of the Technological Plan for e-commerce

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Under a new direction, the Association of Electronic Commerce in Portugal (ACEP) reiterated its support for the Technological Plan and says it is committed to helping to accelerate the achievement of the goal of having 25 percent of Portuguese people buying online, regularly, in 2010, having approved a set of measures in this direction.

For the new governing bodies of the association, elected for the 2006-2008 triennium last November, the Technological Plan presented by the Portuguese Government is «fundamental», and the success of its implementation «will dictate the destiny of Portugal in the competition for the top places of the European Union’s economic and social development «, can be read in a press release.

«The current management (…) is committed to carrying out an ambitious plan of activities for the 2006-2008 three-year period which aims to bring the Association, its members and electronic commerce in general, a significant increase in credibility, notoriety and recognition public that will certainly contribute to an effective sustained development of trade carried out electronically, either with companies or with consumers «, the same statement said.

ACEP also ensures that it has been, and will increasingly be, «a partner of the State and companies in the promotion and implementation of electronic commerce in Portugal».

The current directors of ACEP include Alexandre Nilo Fonseca, as president, and Francisco Maria Balsemão, from Impresa, Francisco Matos Chaves, from TV Cabo, Jorge Landau from Público, Manuel Paula, from El Corte Inglés, Paulo Bengala, from Vortal /, Paulo Vila Luz, from BPI, Rui Marques, from Sport TV Portugal and Victor Martins Ferreira, from Fastaccess, as directors.

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