ACEP promotes 4th Week of Electronic Commerce in November

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

The Association of Electronic Commerce in Portugal – ACEP – will promote between the 6th and the 16th of November a national action around the e-commerce. The 4th Week of Electronic Commerce will include workshops, conferences, regional initiatives and prizes for those who buy on the Internet.

This year the initiative takes place later than usual and in parallel with the Portuguese presidency of the European Union, says ACEP president Alexandre Nilo Fonseca. The official believes that this is the ideal time to show «what is best done in our country in terms of electronic commerce».

The event will also be beneficial to «pass and reinforce the message already defined by the Government, that Portugal is deeply committed to the mobilization of the Information and Knowledge Society, promoting national and European modernization and competitiveness», says Alexandre Nilo.

For more information, interested parties should contact ACEP. For now it is defined that the electronic business, Internet banking, electronic invoice, electronic retail, mobile commerce, internet accessibility and e-learning are some of the topics discussed in the various seminars, workshops, conferences to be held in the country.

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