Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

ACEP gives clues about the fourth edition of the new Electronic Commerce Week

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Between the 6th and 16th of November, the fourth edition of the Electronic Commerce Week will be held, organized by the Association of Electronic Commerce in Portugal. In the 2007 edition, the initiative will seek to cover several regions of the country, taking advantage of a set of regional partnerships.

The agenda has not yet been released, but the organization guarantees that the initiative will have conferences, workshops themes, regional initiatives in various districts and awards for online shoppers.

During the week, the winner of the second edition of the ACEP Navegantes XXI Prize will be announced, at a debate dinner, which also was part of the event’s agenda in the 2006 edition. The exchange of experiences with other countries will be another novelty this year, promises the organization that will be preparing «new strands of debate».

The e-commerce week will take place later this year due to the Portuguese presidency of the European Union. «We considered that the Portuguese Presidency was the ideal time to show what is best done in our country in terms of electronic commerce», explains Alexandre Nilo Fonseca, president of ACEP.

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