Accused of stealing technology, Beats wins lawsuit filed by Monster

Accused of stealing technology, Beats wins lawsuit filed by Monster

It's been so long that you may have forgotten, but in early 2015, the Monster who was a partner of Beats originally the headphone maker sued Apple's subsidiary, claiming that its co-founders had stolen its technology. Now, more than a year and a half later, we finally have the result of the imbroglio: Beats got away with it.

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William Fahey, Los Angeles Superior Court judge, ruled that the accusations of Monster Noel Lee’s founder (that Beats cofounders Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine would have misappropriated technology invented by the company and committed fraud by marketing the products. products without Monster's participation) are unfounded and the amount between US $ 30 million and US $ 150 million requested by the entrepreneur should not be paid.

Lee further claimed that entrepreneurs (and now employees of Apple) convinced him to sell his stake in Beats a year before the acquisition by Apple without letting him know about the deal, which would constitute fraud and breach of corporate law. This charge was also rejected by the Californian judge.

Despite the dismissal of the case, both parties are still on trial at a timely date; this time, however, it is to address a counter-lawsuit filed by Beats for Monster to pay the legal expenses spent by Apple's subsidiary. This puts an end to the story.

(via 9to5Mac)