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According to Woz, Apple will resist and be even stronger in 2075 – while we will be working on Mars

According to Woz, Apple will resist and be even stronger in 2075 – while we will be working on Mars

Right now, we can’t be 100% sure, even if humanity is still around tomorrow, but everybody’s favorite uncle, Steve Wozniak, seems to be a little more optimistic than that. Apple co-founder, in an interview with USA Today, stated that he believed Apple as well as two of its main competitors today, Google and Facebook not only survive until the year 2075, how to get there is even stronger than today.

Woz’s interview precedes his participation in the Silicon Valley Comic Con, conference on comics and pop culture that he helped create last year and, in this edition, focus precisely on the theme «The Future of Humanity: Where Will We Be In 2075?». The inventor’s statements, although at times they may seem slightly crazy and surreal, are always a dose of freshness in this world of technology, unfortunately more and more plastered.

Incidentally, speaking at a time when things seemed to be more dynamic, Woz himself recently met with the team that built the first Apple I. The meeting took place at Living Computers: Museum + Labs, in Seattle, to celebrate its debut. an exhibition on Apple’s first two decades; Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft and creator of the museum, also appeared there and, surprisingly, this was the first time that these two tech legends met:

Paul Allen and Steve Wozniak pose with an Apple II

Returning to the interview, Woz told the newspaper that, when they founded Apple, he and Steve Jobs thought it would last forever, and today he sees a company with the potential to actually make it happen: according to the creator of Apple I, Ma has the its great asset in its enormous amount of cash in cash or, in other words, in the possibility of investing in whatever it wants, being able, therefore, to expand to any areas that it considers promising as well as its competitors.

Apple has been around for a long time, like IBM, (which was founded in 1911). Look at Apple’s money. She can invest in whatever she wants. It would be ridiculous to think that they will not be around (in 2075). The same goes for Google and Facebook.

Woz also gave his traditional pointers on a number of other subjects, such as Artificial Intelligence and here, he seems to be much less pessimistic than figures like Elon Musk, who spend rivers of money alerting humanity to the dangers of uniqueness. According to the engineer, smart machines will be commonplace in 2075, and we will be able to interact with them for entertainment, shopping, information and even medical consultations. Furthermore, Woz believes that by then, we will have colonized Mars and we will probably use the Red Planet as a formidable industrial zone, leaving planet Earth basically for residences here, new cities will be built from scratch, with the 21st century living and transportation paradigms in mind, and housing problems will be solved.

Still, Woz admits that it is very difficult to predict the future because everything changes at a speed absolutely impossible to keep up with. And, in the nicest part of the interview, he interrupted what he was saying and pointed to a journalist’s iPhone: ?She has more power in their hands than Superman. So big strides in computing that it shows how exciting the future can be. ?

And I hope, Woz, that you are right if so, at least my job is guaranteed for the next 58 years. By my accounts, there is little left before I can retire.

(via MacRumors)