According to the president of Juventus, eSport has taken the place of football


It is no secret that Brazil is considered the country of football, or has been, since the last few years are being complicated for the Brazilian team.

But this sport is also very popular around the world, and several countries practice this sport.

However, in the middle of the 21st century, the well-known generation Z has been losing interest in football (at least in its “traditional form”).

During an event held in England, the president of the Italian football club, Juventus Football Club, made several statements regarding the current scenario of the sport compared to the modernity of recent times.

Second Andrea Agnelli, associations need “Change in relation to consumer behavior, looking at Generation Z and noting that the game’s competitors are eSports and Fortnite”.

Faced with various sporting presences in European football, Agnelli left his opinion and emphasized that the market should play even more ways of attracting young people to traditional sport.

The electronic sport has grown more and more and the younger audience does not show the same interest as in the past, configuring eSports as a threat to football.

“We need to change our view of the consumer.

We are looking at Generation Z, the new digital natives who are becoming adults.

We need to see how this generation behaves and seriously thinks that our competitors will not be neighboring clubs, but electronic sports, League of Legends and Fortnite.

Football is still growing in some countries, but in others it is losing relevance ”.

The interesting thing about this whole story, is that for years the media considered eSports only as “computer games / video games”, but it seems that some are becoming aware of the size of the audience and the strength of electronic sports.

That wasn’t the first statement by an important football character, in January Liverpool’s chief executive, Peter Moore, in an interview with Arabian Business magazine said:

“Ninety minutes is too long for a Millennial to sit on the couch.

When I look at the audience and the number of tickets sold to this audience, I am concerned as the CEO of a football team that depends on the next generation of fans to watch us ”.

Moore also says that clubs need to evolve technologically, and offer broadcasts in a way that attracts young people, otherwise that share of viewers will be lost.

The world has been changing in ways that adaptations are necessary, whoever does not do so will lose their place in the face of new trends in the next generations.

With that in mind, several football clubs are starting to invest in eSports.

Recently the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive FaZe team, became a partner of Manchester City.

In addition to many other clubs, including in the Brazilian scenario, such as Corinthians and Vasco.

Speaking specifically of some clubs in our country, Corinthians joined Free Fire, hiring a team that is in the Pro League.

This was not the beginning of the team in the world of eSports, but it characterizes the current interest of the club.

Vasco, on the other hand, studies the possibility of entering the world of eSports via mobile and PES.

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Source: ESPN.

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