According to Samsung, Apple's patented technology already existed

According to Samsung, Apple's patented technology already existed

If Jobs were around I'd say, "I'm trying to cut my apple tree."

In the process of Apple Against Samsung, Apple's company accuses South Korea of, among other things, having broken design patents and technologies. One of these multi-touch technologies, which yesterday (13) Samsung made a point of contesting. According to the company's lawyers, multi-touch technology had appeared long before Apple even thought of the iPhone.

According to Mitsubishi engineer Adam Bogue's testimony, he demonstrated DiamondTouch technology to Apple engineers in mid-2003. a projector on a table.

Accordingly, Samsung intends to have the jury invalidate Apple patent number 7663607, which was filed on May 6, 2004 and published almost six years later. After all, if Apple used the same DiamondTouch multi-touch technology on its iPhone, the patent could not have been registered.

Basically Samsung is already saying that Apple has copied, we can copy too, or something in those terms. But this is one of the disputed patents. We'll see, probably later this week, how Samsung will try to get rid of the charge of copying the designs of the iPad and iPhone on their products. Prepare the popcorn.

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