According to Google, improvements to the Linux Kernel will make Android more secure


This is information that goes unnoticed by most users, Android, the most popular operating system in the mobile world, is based on the Linux Kernel and inherits the same technology and security features that end up reaching home users.

Recently, Google emphasized that thanks to the Linux Kernel, the company will add new layers of security in the “robot systems”.

Google commented that one of the priorities of Android 7, Nougat, is security and to improve the operating system, the company will use new security features that are present in the Linux Kernel.

Among the main built-in features are improved memory management with write protection, this should prevent malicious programs from being run from the devices’ RAM memory. Another interesting modification is the restriction of the Kernel’s access to the User Space, especially if CONFIG_DEBUG_RODATA is enabled.

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It’s good to know that Android is getting safer over time, after all, its presence in people’s lives is more effective every day.

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