accident involving iPhone and “counterfeit” charger leaves man in a coma in China

Again: accident involving iPhone and “counterfeit” charger leaves man in a coma in China

Yesterday (9/18) we showed that the death of a Chinese woman due to an accident with an iPhone 4 that was recharging was caused by a charger from another manufacturer. Now another case has emerged, also in China.

iPhone 4 lying on its side

According to the G1, the case was the same (the person was electrocuted while touching his iPhone 4 while he was carrying it). Wu Jiantong is in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) of a Beijing hospital and, after a week of treatment, is breathing without the aid of devices – but remains in a coma and with no apparent brain activity.

His sister explained the case: “I was on my back and suddenly I heard him scream. When I turned around, he was already writhing on the floor. ” She also said that when she unplugged the charger, she felt pain in her hands and noticed how electricity circulated from her fingers to her feet.

Once again it was discovered that the charger involved in the accident was a fake. Thus, it is almost certain that he was responsible for the electrical discharge. Still according to some relatives of Wu, the heavy rain that fell during the afternoon on the day of the accident and the high humidity level of the air may have compromised the insulation systems.

The message is working, right? No chargers xing-ling, folks! For these and others that Apple has more to do is to close the siege of companies that do not participate in the program Made for iPod / iPhone / iPad (MFi).

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