“Accessible” keyboard for iOS and watchOS, FlickType starts to gain app support

FlickType, teclado para iOS e watchOS

From time to time, intrepid developers try to create workarounds for the typing experience on mobile devices. THE FlickType is one of those attempts with two important differentiators: the focus on accessibility and support for the Apple Watch.

The keyboard is nothing new: it has been available on the App Store for about a year, like so many other traveling keyboard concepts that fail miserably. The difference is that it is indeed gaining recognition: several watchOS apps are adding support for FlickType so you can type through it without leaving your current task.

The concept behind FlickType is quite simple: instead of fixed keys, you have a typing by «area» – that is, just touch the approximate location of the desired key and the algorithm takes care of predicting the word you want. is typing. On Apple Watch, where there is no room for an ordinary keyboard, this is especially useful; for those who don’t like typing by voice, FlickType is a hand on the wheel.

The keyboard also has gestures to complement the experience: to complete a word, just swipe to the right. Other gestures add punctuation, emojis or exchange the word for others.

In addition to allowing “traditional” typing on the Apple Watch, FlickType is fully focused on accessibility: the high contrast interface is conducive for users with limited vision, and the keyboard provides an audible feedback (optional) of everything that is typed to assist blind people.

At the moment, FlickType supports English only; we contacted their developers and they said that now that keyboard support is being spread among other apps, they will start working on support for other languages, such as Portuguese – news should arrive soon, therefore.

Five apps now offer integration with FlickType: Chirp for Twitter, Nano for Reddit, WristBook for Facebook, WatchChat for WhatsApp and TweetWatch for Twitter.

FlickType, in turn, is available for free on the App Store; using the Apple Watch keyboard is free, but to use it as a standard iOS keyboard, you need to subscribe to R $ 3.90 a month.

via 9to5Mac