Access to Web 2.0 platforms compromises corporate networks

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The half-yearly Trend Micro Threat Report & Forecast highlights that the number of employees of companies that access Web 2.0 platforms through office computers has increased. In total, 19 percent of the 1,600 surveyed users accessed social networks while connected to corporate networks, that is, 4 percent more than the amount recorded in 2007.

Bearing in mind that threats to Web 2.0 platforms increased to more than 1.5 million per month, in January, access to these platforms from corporate networks ends up posing a danger to the security of companies, warns Trend Micro recalling the threats in circulation that take advantage of these spaces for social interaction to propagate malicious attacks.

The study, which surveyed users in the UK, Germany, the United States and Japan, found that the percentage of British users who have visited social networking sites while connected to the corporate network grew significantly from 11 percent in 2007, to 27 percent this year. Growth on German soil was 9 percent last year to 13 percent in 2008.

Overall, Trend Micro found that mobile workers are more likely to access social sites from corporate networks and that these accesses are more frequent the larger the size of the company.

The company also found that 45 percent of users send confidential information via email and that in Germany, more than half of users use the webmail for sending corporate information.

Finally, it was concluded that, from last year to this part, the percentage of mobile users who admitted to having sent confidential information viawebmail observed a double digit growth.

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