Access to the Santa Casa portal increased 93.2% in July

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

Marktest found that 1.3 million Internet pages were visited in July, continuing the domain of preferences belonging to with 914 thousand users. Right behind the PT Group portal appears, with 883 thousand unique users, and, with 830 thousand.

The biggest increase this month was registered on the website, which increased the number of unique users by 93.2 percent, a growth attributed to the interest in betting on Euro million.

Marktest’s figures indicate that during the period analyzed, around 1,269 thousand users accessed the Internet from their homes. This figure represents a decrease of 1.9 percentage points compared to June, but, year on year, the growth is 1.6 percent.

As for the most visited pages, there are no major changes. remains in front of the ranking, with more than 88 million hits; the second position belongs to, and, won the third place after a 24.9 percent increase compared to June, now having more than 73 million visits.

Even so, the biggest increase (more than double) was registered on and saw the biggest monthly decrease, with 21.4 percent fewer pages visited than in June.

Browsing time stood at 12 million hours per month, translating to about 387 thousand hours per day, which represents 9 hours and 20 minutes per user.

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