قراصنة يستعدون لهجوم جديد على سوني

Access to PlayStation online service restored

قراصنة يستعدون لهجوم جديد على سوني

PlayStation 3 users affected by the bug which prevented access to the console’s online services from models other than the Slim is already resolved. The difficulties of connecting to PlayStation Network began to be reported by users even on Sunday night. Throughout yesterday Sony worked on solving the problem and announced in the meantime that it is complete, although without much intervention from the manufacturer.

As we learned just yesterday, the consoles were affected by a problem with the internal clock of the console that occurred when the date changed from February 28th to March 1st. By mistake, the internal clock of the console considered the year 2010 to be leap and that information it did not allow it to synchronize calendar data with the online service, so it assumed the date of January 2000.

24 hours later the PS3 internal clock returned to March 2010 and to a date that found a parallel in services online and the problem was solved, details Sony.

For some customers the date that the console displays may still not be correct. In cases where this happens, Sony asks for the change to be made by the user manually.

Yesterday Sony alerted users potentially affected by the problem to the risks of, even so, trying to use the equipment and admitted the possibility of data loss. It is not clear for now whether this consequence has occurred with those who tried to use online services and to what extent