Access to essential technology in the development of economies

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Technology plays an essential role in the evolution of economies and is a highly valued asset due to its ability to bring people closer and facilitate contacts. Globalization is seen as positive because it represents free markets and free trade, but less good because it usually brings with it measures to reduce costs and reduce personnel.

The conclusions are from a study by the Pew Research Center that attests in the responses collected the important role of using the PC, access to email and the Internet to decrease the digital divide, but it makes public the concerns of the citizens with less positive effects of globalization.

These criticisms of the effects of globalization are all the more real in countries where economic growth has slowed or are suffering the consequences of the explosive growth of economies such as China, such as Europe.

In 2007, the levels of PC use increased in 26 of the 35 countries analyzed by the study, compared to the values ​​found for 2002. Sweden leads the list of countries with the highest use of the PC, with a penetration rate of around 82 percent.

The document also demonstrates that compared to Western Europe, the United States and Canada, growth in PC usage is slower in Africa and Asia, but faster in other emerging areas like Brazil, where 44 percent of the population uses Double the number of users registered in 2002.

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