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Europe welcomes new Microsoft center for cloud services

This legislation comes into force this Wednesday, which requires telecommunications operators to keep, for a year, the data generated by the electronic communications they provide to their customers.

IP address, date and time of Internet connection, name and address of the user or subscriber of the service and location of mobile terminals are some of the data that will be retained, in case a judge requests the information.

Out of this measure is all information related to the content of the communications.

Until now, clarifies the Attorney of the Republic and specialist Pedro Verdelho, quoted by the newspaper PĂşblico, the Internet providers were obliged to destroy all data of the communications after the respective billing. Only in eventual cases of unpaid invoices could companies keep the data until the collection occurred.

European data retention legislation was passed in 2006 and ended up being linked to the European intention to strengthen mechanisms to combat terrorism, by creating rules that guarantee the possibility of access to information related to the use of electronic communications by possible suspects of crimes.

One of the most controversial aspects of the package was the deadline to be set for data maintenance, which ended up being set between six and 24 months. Portugal opted for an intermediate version and requires operators to retain the data generated in their customers’ communications for 12 months.