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Apa itu 99POP?  Lihat pertanyaan dan jawaban tentang kategori aplikasi

99, the company responsible for the popular taxi application, launched its own private car service: 99POP, which competes with Uber and Cabify. With prices cheaper than conventional taxis, the category has been not only the main choice for many passengers, but also the source of income for people who have been unemployed in recent years, as it makes it easier for self-employed drivers to find customers.

Thinking about this last group, we brought down everything you need to know to become a 99POP driver, such as, what type of car is accepted, what are the benefits, besides helping to clarify common doubts about the process. Want to know if you fit the profile? So check it out.

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99POP: know all about the service

99POP: know all about the service

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It is not enough to have a driver’s license to start working with 99POP, as some extra requirements will be made by the company. The first is to be within the minimum age required. Although Brazil issues a license for people over 18, 99 only accepts candidates who are over 21 years of age.

Another condition is to have a smartphone with Android operating systems (from version 4.4 KitKat) or iPhone (iOS). According to the service, the version of the Apple platform will depend on the region where the driver lives. This requirement is made because, to be able to work, the person must install the application 99 POP – Driver, for which he will receive requests from passengers in search of a race.

The car cannot be either. First, the vehicle must have four doors, air conditioning, be well maintained and be of private use (gray plate). The year of manufacture depends on the driver’s region, but, in general, vehicles that are at least 2012 are accepted. The company also asks its partner drivers to be friendly and enjoy driving, as they will have to work behind the wheel and dealing with different types of people getting in and out of the vehicle.

1 of 3 Even if they are new, cars with two doors will be dispensed with at 99POP – Photo: Press Release / 99

Even if they are new, cars with two doors will be dispensed with at 99POP – Photo: Press Release / 99

It is important to point out an aspect about the driver that can be considered an advantage for many people: those who drive with the 99POP are autonomous and have no employment. The application is a service offered by the company to facilitate professionals who follow a certain standard to get customers. Thus, it is the driver himself who does his work, determining how many hours a day he will work and whether he will be home at the weekend or not. It is also not prohibited to work with competing apps, like Uber and Cabify, for example.

What documents are needed?

At first, there are not so many documents required for those who want to drive with 99. The candidate will need an identity document (RG), proof of residence, Certificate of Registration and Vehicle Licensing (CRLV) and, of course, the ID card National Qualification (CNH). There is, however, a detail in this last item.

The driver’s license must contain the observation that the driver uses it to exercise paid activity (EAR) from the moment of registration on the site. Requesting this permission is not difficult: just go to websites of agencies such as Poupatempo and Detran to find out about the details of the entire process, from the psychological exam to the issuance of the new card.

Another requirement is related to security. The driver who will work with 99 must take out a Personal Passenger Accident Insurance with a minimum coverage of R $ 50,000 per passenger. This type of service is offered by several insurance companies in the market and the company does not require specific brands.

What are the steps and how do they work?

The acceptance process is divided into four stages: the first is to register on the app. After that, the documents will be validated and in a few days (according to 99) you will receive the result saying whether or not you are able to proceed with the process. The next step is the POP Chat, a telephone conversation where a representative will ask questions to understand your profile, similar to a job interview.

2 of 3 99POP for drivers: first step is to register – Photo: Reproduction / Bruno Soares

99POP for drivers: first step is to register – Photo: Reproduction / Bruno Soares

Then, the POP Test will be carried out, a driving test inside the candidate’s car, where an employee will assess, from the passenger seat, how the driver drives and also if the vehicle is in good condition. If approved in this last phase, the person will be taken to the Pop Course, where they will be able to understand what 99 expects from its employees. After completing these steps, you are ready to start working.

How is the payment done?

Last but not least, let’s talk about compensation. To receive payment for runs made with 99POP, the driver does not need to have a bank account, but the use of Card99 is mandatory. It is free, with no monthly fees, and is accepted in establishments that work with the MasterCard banner.

An interesting benefit is that the payment for the race is added to the balance of the card a few minutes after it is completed and the driver does not have to wait until the end of the month to receive the amount. If you want to withdraw the money, the professional can go to a lottery shop and pay an amount around R $ 3.90 for this. 99 discounts a fee of around 16.99% of the total amount paid for the ride, as a way to charge for the services provided. This value, however, may vary according to the city.

3 of 3 99POP: payment is made on time via Cartão99 with MasterCard banner – Photo: Disclosure / 99

99POP: payment is made on time via Cartão99 with MasterCard banner – Photo: Disclosure / 99