Accenture debuts outsourcing center in Lisbon

Accenture debuts outsourcing center in Lisbon

Accenture announced today an investment of one million euros in the Portuguese market, carried out in a new space inaugurated in Lisbon. The company’s new facilities will accommodate the business process outsourcing services (BPO) division and professionals who have so far been dispersed in other locations.

In the new building, the consultant now accommodates 200 workers, a number that should increase to 350 by the end of the year. The Accenture team dedicated to the BPO in Lisbon joins a team in Porto and makes up a total of around 500 workers allocated to projects in this area.

On the sidelines of the presentation Paula Adrião, responsible for the Business Process Outsourcing area, explained to TeK that, globally, outsourcing represents about half of Accenture’s business, a number that is also valid for Portugal. In this universe, the BPO represents about 20 percent, a share that reached in about five years, as revealed by the responsible.

The presentation of the new investment by Accenture guaranteed the presence of Carlos Zorrinho, Secretary of State for Energy and Innovation, who underlined the importance of guaranteeing new investments by multinationals in Portugal, at a time of economic crisis and a drop in the ratings attributed by international agencies.

The official also underlined the good conditions that Portugal has to assert itself as a supplier of outsourcing services in nearshore.

On the side of Accenture, Paula Adri√£o explains that, in terms of technology outsourcing, the company already provides services from several proximity markets, such as Spain, France, Belgium or the United Kingdom, from Portugal, but also provides services to markets outside the EU. Europe, such as Canada or Tunisia.

At BPO, the group is transferring the accumulated experience in technology outsourcing and intends to soon expand the geographies covered with the offer, from Portugal. For now, the Portuguese division of Accenture already provides some BPO services to Spain and is working to reach other European markets. France and Germany will be the first.

The BPO services provided by Accenture in Portugal are mainly aimed at the areas of accounting and finance, purchasing and supplier management, human resources, customer service, claims management and document management.