image capture of the manifest at

ACAPOR website replaced by hacker manifest

The ACAPOR website was today the target of a computer attack in the context of the Payback operation, which has targeted several supporters and drivers of anti-piracy policies worldwide, carrying out massive actions, such as those that left offline for about three days. websites of associations of authors and editors, music producers and the Spanish Ministry of Culture, at the beginning of the month.

Since this morning, the website of the Association of Audiovisual Commerce of Portugal has been inaccessible. Whoever tries to access the address is first confronted with a manifesto from the anonymous group that claims authorship of the attack (which we reproduce below), and then forwarded to the page of the file sharing site The Pirate Bay.

At the origin of the attack on ACAPOR will be the association’s intentions to bring a request in court to block access to the site in Portugal, according to those responsible for the action.

In the manifest entitled “Payback is a bitch, isn’t it?” (something like “revenge is screwed, isn’t it?”) the movement asserts itself against the defense of copyright “and other restrictions”, with arguments such as that most pirates are located in countries where the Internet access is censored, like China, and that “piracy helps to democratize access to knowledge”.

image capture of the manifest at

The statement ends with a promise that the attacks will continue.

In addition to the Portuguese association, the English intellectual property office was also the target of DoS (denial of service) attacks today, but previously the websites of companies like Aiplex – hired by Bolywood studios to attack file sharing sites – and associations like the RIAA or the Motion Picture Association of America.