ACAPOR website down

أديداس ضحية "هجوم كمبيوتر معقد وإجرامي"

The ACAPOR website is down. The association has not yet confirmed it, but admits that the platform may have once again been the target of an attack, following the announcement made yesterday.

Yesterday, the association representing the audiovisual commerce industry and the national music industry revealed that next year it plans to submit thousands of complaints of content piracy to the authorities, at the rate of one thousand complaints per month.

The first list of a thousand IP addresses to reach the hands of the Attorney General’s Office will be delivered on January 5, the association said.

Contacted by TeK, Nuno Pereira, president of ACAPOR, explains that the association has already contacted the site host to report the problem and waits feedback. For this reason, he is not yet sure of the problem that caused the page to be inactive, but he admits that it could be an attack. «We are aware that the measure is not popular», admits Nuno Pereira, adding that, even so, «it is necessary to act».

Yesterday, some indications circulated on blogs that promised or anticipated an attack on the association’s website, in disagreement with the actions it is preparing to carry out.

This is not the first time that the ACAPOR website is hacked. Still in October, the platform was chosen to place a Manifesto hacker, which passed through the websites of several institutions active in the fight against Internet piracy. The Manifesto assumed responsibility for the attack and after the explanations given forwarded users to the Pirate Bay website.

Regarding these previous attacks on the association’s online platform, Nuno Pereira ensures that a complaint that ACAPOR expects to deliver to the Judiciary Police is soon being completed, with the aim of verifying clear responsibilities. The association has been gathering documents and is in the process of completing this process.