Absurd! Government spends almost 340 thousand reais on Apple computers


The Superior Court of Justice (STJ) of Brazil today confirmed the bid for the purchase of 12 iMacs, Apple’s All in One computer, for the “trifle” of 339 thousand reais. There are about 28 thousand reais per computer.

It seems that the financial crisis is just for us, the people! In the meantime … what would you do with 339 thousand reais? Would you like all your doubts and maybe even buy an apartment? A car? Maybe a dozen cars?

Some people prefer to buy 12 computers.

Apple products have a lot of quality, we all know, but in Brazil the prices are surreal, even so, if you, WITH YOUR MONEY, decide to buy one of them, I don’t have the right to say much, but when a public agency uses the OUR tax money (which is not a few) to spend in a way that anyone who understands a minimum of informatics knows it’s completely unnecessary, then we have a BIG problem my friend.

Exorbitant prices include a 36-month extended warranty for devices. The configuration chosen by the STJ includes an Intel Core i7 quad-core 4.0 GHz, 32 GB of DDR3 RAM and a 256 GB SSD. In addition, they feature a 27-inch Retina display and 5K resolution, as well as AMD Radeon R9 M395X GPU with 4 GB of Vram.

If you take the proposed 339 thousand and divide by 12, you will see that each machine costs 28 thousand reais. The most curious thing is that the most expensive machine that Apple sells on its website in iMac models it costs “only” 17 thousand, however, in fact it is inferior to this model intended by the STJ. I believe it has some extras, such as a video card with more memory, in addition to the extended support and accessories….

Oh yes! I forgot to comment, in addition to the iMacs, the bid also covers a Magic Mouse 2 and a Magic Keyboard for each computer, after all, why use a cheaper keyboard and mouse? Like one from Razer, right? (how far have we come?)

Now comes the best part …

The “justification” for buying an iMac with a 5k resolution retina display is: “iMacs have better performance in editing high resolution images ”.

My reaction to hearing about this iMac bidding

And he hopes that the bid to buy Photoshop to edit the images in high resolution has not even left. ?

Could it be that only I am the genius who realized that you can edit images with a machine that is VERY, BUT VERY, less powerful than that? Do you know someone (outside of Pixar) who can use 32 GB of RAM to edit an image? Friend… even if you were playing BF1 at the same time!

Besides that… money is our money! Our money being spent on something that can be solved at no cost using Linux! Or even spending MUCH less using Windows. I have nothing against Apple, the problem is not even in it, in this respect at least, taking the values, but would not be the least to do in a situation like this would be to study the cheapest and most effective solution to get around the situation?

I just know that we need a “Lava Bits” in that country, or at least someone more aware in the technology field, “Dear” Kassab wanting to limit the internet. You can be sure that there is a lot of money being spent on licenses with things that could be solved otherwise.