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Absolut Vodka Inspire: The App That Revolutionizes the World

(Image: trendenciashombre)

We already knew that the most famous Swedish vodka in the world was more than known for its advertising and marketing campaigns. Ever since the Absolute has given opportunities to various artists to pour all their creativity into advertising this vodka so dear to everyone. Now Absolut gives you the opportunity to participate in something very big through your Android: Absolute Inpire. Want to know what this app to Absolute Vodka is all about? Well then read on so as not to miss any detail as you can be a worldwide known virtual artist thanks to your Android and Absolut.

In this app for Android and iOS, you can share your creativity with everyone around the world. This app is no more than an augmented reality app that Absolut Vodka has prepared, but there is no denying that this is a great idea.

Congratulations to the employees of Absolut Vodka

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