About OS X Lion and new Macs: quiet the beam and separate rumors from official announcements

First of all, a little Portuguese lesson:

Rumor definition in Michaelis

The yellow griffin mine.

Anyone who has been following the Apple world for longer knows that it would not be the same if it weren't for the rumors. Some leaks here and there happen by chance and certainly don't reach Steve Jobs & Co.'s ears, but it is known that Apple itself plants some rumors to generate buzz and get free media. of the nature of the company and continue for a long time.

The problem is when people don't know how to differentiate rumors from official announcements / promises, something very common among new users on the platform, who are not used to it. My friend Renato Pessanha also added an interesting thing:

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This is the purest reality. When the rumor is of interest to someone, they soon take it for granted or, at the very least, have so many hopes that they later end up being disappointed and thinking that it was Apple who failed. Apple has actually delayed launches and broken promises, but that is not a very common thing.

And again, not the case with OS X Lion and new Macs. The first was promised for July; As far as I know, the month goes on until the 31st. New Macs including MacBooks Air, white MacBooks, mini Macs and Macs Pro have never been commented on by Apple and, for now, have no plans to launch. There are people even putting iOS 5 on the cake, which is currently in beta and should only arrive around September.

By this time, if Lion were to leave today, he would have already been released. There is a slim chance that Apple will drop the system at 10 am in the PDT time zone (from Los Angeles and San Francisco; it will be 2 pm here), but that is quite difficult. My advice to quiet the beam; have we waited so long, what difference will it make a few more days?

As I wrote yesterday, my bet is corroborated by internal information that we ourselves have received that Lion will arrive next Tuesday, July 19th. This corresponds to a * rumor * from the end of last month, inclusive.

If they want to play rumors, the Computerworld raises the curious possibility that tomorrow will be the big day, as the last four generations of Mac OS X (Panther, Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard) were released on a Friday. J o Apple Bitch now talks about July 26 (Tuesday), based on product inventories in retail chains such as Best Buy and Amazon. This, of course, if Lion does arrive with new Macs.

Sometimes the rumors are right, sometimes they are totally punctured and sometimes they are partially right in terms of dates or details about the news. As there are rumors about all these launches popping up from different sources, it is safe to say that these are really launches coming out of the oven. It just takes a little more patience.