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About 29 million messages are sent per minute on WhatsApp

Everyone knows that the Whatsapp He is one of the greatest messengers in the world, but do you have any idea how big he is? The CED (Centro Economia Digitale) carried out a survey published by the HDbloginvolving the numbers and expressiveness of different companies and services in the world, including WhatsApp, Apple and others. And the result you see below.

On WhatsApp, about 29 million messages are changed per minute; in addition, the app ranked first in the rankings of downloads and monthly active users during 2017, followed by the other apps in the Facebook (Instagram and Messenger) Telegram, in turn, ranked tenth in the number of active users.

Use of social networksNumber of activities performed per minute on different social networks / services

Speaking of Instagram, the social network has about 65 thousand new publications every minute; time also spent to send 156 million emails, 3.8 million searches were carried out in the Google or then 87 thousand hours of video are shown on Netflix.

Revenue from Apple products and servicesThe iPhone continues to lead Apple's revenue share; the “Servios” category grows

The survey also reported that since the launch of the first iPhone, in 2007, the gadget has accumulated more than $ 850 billion in revenue, being Apple's largest source of income (62%). Still, the “Services” category is growing by leaps and bounds and should surpass Ma's flagship product in the coming years.

Still in this category, the Apple Pay was included in the cake as the most accepted online payment service in North America with PayPal, with 37% acceptance each. The Android service came in third, with 29% acceptance, followed by services from Mastercard, Visa and Samsung.

Startups in BrazilBrazil is in 17th place in the number of startups of artificial intelligence in the world

The CED also cited some data related to our Brazil, such as the number of startups Brazilian companies in the area of ​​artificial intelligence and the penetration of electronic commerce in the country. Regarding the first data, Brazil has 26 companies in the sector, occupying the 17th place in this ranking; as for ecommerce, the market has 45% penetration in Brazilian lands, while the United Kingdom occupies the top with 78% participation.

Check out all the results of the CED survey, in Italian, here (PDF).

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