About 200,000 IBM employees will be able to use Macs by the end of 2015

About 200,000 IBM employees will be able to use Macs by the end of 2015

Not long ago, we commented that the partnership between Apple and IBM (focused on the corporate market) has borne new fruits: International Business Machines employees can now use Macs, something unthinkable in the distant past.

When we talk about it, we inform you that IBM already had around 15,000 Macs already active by its BYOD program (bring your own device, that is, bring your own equipment to work), but expect the number to reach 50,000 before the end of this year.

According to an internal video in which we see Jeff Smith (chief information officer, or chief information officer from IBM) speaking to company employees, that number could actually triple or even quadruple, reaching 150,000 / 200,000 Macs.

From what we’ve seen, Smith talked to Niall O’Connor (Apple’s chief information officer) about the subject, asking him to be able to offer Macs at the same price that other PC makers normally offer to IBM. O’Connor would have been reluctant at first, but when Smith said that IBM would be Apple’s largest corporate customer, acquiring up to eight times more Macs than Apple’s then largest corporate customer today, O’Connor promptly agreed.

Should the plan materialize, somewhere between 50-75% of IBM employees will switch from their current Lenovo ThinkPads to MacBooks. Not bad…

[via MacRumors]