About 20 apps linked to the Sensor Tower accused of collecting user data

Sensor Tower is an American company known for its market analysis, specializing in insights on the economy related to smartphone applications. The company is now being accused of being linked to around 20 applications that collect data from users without authorization. Some of the apps are not publicly listed as part of their offer, but have been identified in the curriculum of programmers linked to the company.

The investigation by Buzzfeednews finds that millions of people have installed Google Play's Free and Unlimited VPN, Luna VPN, Mobile Data, and Adblock Focus applications; and Adblock Focus and Luna VPN on iOS saw their data collected by Sensor Tower. Alerted by the publication, the platforms will have already removed some of them and are investigating all the apps involved.

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As explained, the company's applications ask users to install a root certificate, which is a file that allows access to all data traffic that passes through the smartphone. In a public statement, Sensor Tower says it only collects analytical data and anonymously, integrated into its products. The company works on the data, giving insights into the popularity, trends and revenue potential of applications to its customers.

Of the approximately 20 apps reported to be used to collect data, most have been discontinued. The company argued saying that they did not access users' sensitive and personal information. Even so, those that were removed from stores violated the use policies of the respective platforms.