Aastra acquires Ericsson’s PBX division for $ 102.7 million

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Ericsson sold the PBX division to Canadian Aastra Technologies for $ 102.7 million.

By divesting itself of this area, the Swedish company intends to turn its attention to other segments, namely the business with operators and service providers.

From Ericsson’s point of view, this agreement allows a certain distance from the traditional business channel, which does not mean that it ceases to supply the business segment.

In a statement, the manufacturer explains that it will not «stop providing business solutions but we will sell them exclusively to operators and service providers», said Urban Gillström, responsible for Ericsson’s business.

The company ensures that all customers who have purchased PBX solutions can continue to use the tools.

This is because Ericsson will be working with Aastra until April, when the deal will be completed.

Among the terms of the agreement, Ericsson transfers 630 employees to the staff of the Canadian company.

Aastra believes that this acquisition will be important to strengthen its presence in the European market, mainly in the western part of the continent.

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