A4 has nothing to do with PA Semi, says VentureBeat

Sources linked to VentureBeat claim that the A4 processor created for the iPad has nothing to do with technology coming to Apple from P.A.

Semi, contrary to what was imagined in the first speculations about the chip.

With the new rumor, the work with the chip would have been carried out by a team that had been in Cupertino for years, specializing in VSI (orVery-Large-Scale Integration) and semiconductor engineering in partnership with IBM.

Without the P.A.

Semi, Apple is already considered a company with a considerable load of technical knowledge, being able to create its own processors for certain areas without depending on an Intel of life.

The A4 is basically a chip based on ARM architecture, while the company acquired by Apple has more experience with an architecture based on the old PowerPC platform.

Obviously, this does not mean that any P.A.

Semi engineer has nothing to do with the project.

However, it is worth remembering that several of them have already left Apple, increasing the chances that the A4 was developed with technology created by itself, through the ARM architecture in which the iPhone OS has already been compiled.

(via MacNN)