A YouTuber was so concerned with whether he could run Windows XP on an iPhone 7 that he didn't stop to ask himself if he should

Although it is difficult to quantify this, due to differences in architecture and platform, it would not be crazy to say that the internal components of the iPhone 7 are often more powerful than those that equipped computers with Windows XP that we loved 15 years ago.

So, at least in theory, it would be no problem for the latest Apple smartphone to run the Microsoft system that dominated the past decade, right?


But the theory is obviously not enough for the brave developers, hackers and, cough cough, YouTubers around the world.

So, note:

The work done by the programmer Hacking Jules, who on his YouTube channel is dedicated to the unusual task of uniting absolutely different software and hardware (this video of an Android smartwatch running Super Mario 64 is particularly intriguing), even admirable: he managed to run Windows XP on an iPhone 7 without any kind of jailbreak, only with the help of the iBox emulator installed through Xcode.

The system even recognizes the iOS virtual keyboard and the smartphone's touchscreen as a trackpad.

Still, things are not at all beautiful or functional.

Because the emulated video card is only VGA, Windows XP presents itself with a simplified interface, reminiscent of the even more remote times of Windows 95.

Not to mention that, although the A10 Fusion is much more powerful than the Intel Celeron and Pentium 4 from 2004, the system runs with visible difficulty on the smartphone screen, probably due to the emulator's qualities (or lack of them).

If, still, you are willing to face lines and lines of code and many hours of effort just to have the satisfaction of running Minesweeper natively on your next generation smartphone, all the documentation on how to install the iBox is on this page of the GitHub.

Have a good time!

(via Cult of Mac)