A Widget with love: FWeather Widget

A Widget with love: FWeather Widget

If there's one thing that animates my day find a widget that is worth using. Little hints of affection make software something beyond its functionality, make it much cooler! So to give value to the developers leaving the house, every week I will indicate "a widget with love". For starters, open up with the FWeather Widget – the coolest weather widget in recent times!

Fweather teaser widget
"Gray bitch, meo! Cold as a fucking fridge! / AndroidPIT

What ?

The FWeather Widget a weather widget. No, he more than that. The software is a bit of a good mood in your everyday life and therefore serves as entertainment for all hours. This weather informant was based on the concept of the Authentic Weather app by developer Tobias van Scheider, who believes this app to be the most honest and humane of all. The widget has been updated and is now in version 2.0.

How it works?

Unlike Google Now, where you check the temperature in degrees celsius, with Fweather you get the information in thermal sensation. That is, instead of appearing 12, you get the message "Bitch gray, honey! Cold as a fucking fridge!" (free translation).

Fweather google now widget
Weather forecast shown in Google Now (left) and FWeather (right) widgets! / AndroidPIT

After the update, Fweather offered the possibility of adjusting the update interval, manual location setting, choosing from the items that will appear in the widget and the possibility to change the white / black view mode.

For now, the widget is not available in Portuguese, so most expressions seem to have come from an American show. But I imagine they would be fine with localized expressions. As a gacha I am, I imagine "just fucking gray. Cold like a fucking fridge." could work just fine like "Bah, what a gray day. A chill of renouncing cusco."

Fweather settings
The Fweather Widget can be used on the lock screen (left) and brought new settings after the update (right)! / AndroidPIT

It is important to realize that to work properly, the widget must be installed in your Android's internal memory and the permissions involve accessing your geolocation. In addition, the application will need to read the data itself and write to SD for feedback.

If you are one of those people who do not believe that time can stay the same for long hours, ie a frantic for updates, the devs of this software also have a message for you:

message fweather widget
Ok, ok, you don't have to piss me off. Checking now. Happy? ! / AndroidPIT

Among the messages, you will find very tricky notifications. So be careful not to bump into Puritans along the way. And if you are one of them, do not download the app as this is also an option.

Why so cool?

The FWeather widget is above all an app that shows you how nice to have a sense of humor in everyday life, even if you're enjoying a bit of vulgarity. If you are the type of person who needs more than weather information, this widget will hardly disappoint.

Best of all, the FWeather Widget is free and downloadable through our App Center. So if you want to know how the weather will be set in your region, go to the link and install the widget on your Android, as this article is already full of inappropriate words.

Now, as a warning friend: remember not to leave your home screen merc of conservatives! You never know when the weather is like this:

weather widget
:O ! / AndroidPIT
Fweather weather widget
: x! / AndroidPIT

What's up, are you excited to download the Fweather widget? If you have a suggestion for the "a widget with love" section, please let us know in the comments below.

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