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A third of the software sold last year was illegal

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One third of software sold over the past year was illegal, reveals the Business Software Alliance’s annual report, conducted by IDC, which estimates global losses from piracy in the order of $ 34 billion, 1.6 billion more than last year.

Although significant, the number represents a decrease compared to the values ‚Äč‚Äčobtained in previous years (in the legal sale / illegal sale ratio) indicating that efforts in the education and training of consumers have produced effects.

According to the figures, countries such as China, Russia, India, central and eastern Europe, as well as the Middle East and Africa have reduced the numbers recorded in previous years. The most significant decreases took place in Russia, where there was a decrease of four points and in India, where the decrease registered is in the order of 2 percent.

¬ęThe progress made in reducing the software PC piracy in several emerging markets allows for some encouragement but much more needs to be done, ¬ęstresses Robert Holleyman, BSA CEO, adding that¬Ľ with more than one in three copies of software obtained illegally, piracy remains a threat to the future of software innovation, resulting in lost jobs and revenue ¬ę.

The results of the study show a decrease in piracy levels in most of the 97 countries covered by the study, with the exception of 19 countries, in which the numbers found increased compared to the previous year. Globally, rates remain virtually unchanged.

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