a tale from The Walking Dead

Fork in the Road: um conto de The Walking Dead

Check out Jay Bonansinga’s new tale based on The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. Fork in the Road is available for free on Wattapad.

Fork in the RoadFork in the Road new tale written by Jay Bonansinga and based on the mobile game The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

This week we reviewed the game The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, and now we bring more good news for fans of The Walking Dead: the franchise will win a new story based on this mobile game. THE Scopely, developer of Road to Survival, has partnered with Wattpad, to publish the story based on the game. Fork in the Road, will be written by none other than Jay Bonansinga and will have 4 parts.

The story is still being written, but it already has two chapters available on Wattpad, unfortunately for now it is only available in English. Check out the synopsis of the story:

Set in the wild primordial world of The Walking Dead, the new original tale “A Fork in the Road” by Jay Bonansinga, New York Times bestselling author chronicles a person’s epic adventure to escape his fate in Alexandria, Virginia . The only problem is that no one leaves the ranks of the violent gang known as the saviors and lives to tell the story. The struggle to escape the clutches of this group and find peace among the ruins of northern Maryland takes the reader directly into the heart of darkness. And like most stories set in this terrible world, things in the end are not at all what they seem.

Wattpad is a social web and mobile platform that allows you to discover stories from new authors and publish your own. Some books that are now successful in the publishing market started publishing on Wattpad. This was the case, for example, of the series After American Anna Todd.

Be sure to check out the story, the game and our review.

Be sure to check out the story, the game and our review.