A special invitation for you who like Diolinux!


I’m here to make you a very special invitation! Now the Diolinux channel is making a presence in a new sector too and we want you there!

We are starting a new phase in the “Diolinux project”, as we call it. At lives are a very interesting form of interaction with the public, entertainment and knowledge, however, YouTube, curiously, does not favor this type of format much, unlike Twitch.

We will continue making lives on YouTube too, but they will be versions of the channel’s standard content, with the only difference being live, already on Twitch, we will focus on games for Linux especially, of course we can talk about different subjects, but we will be running games almost daily so you can have fun with us.

The project is to do live on TwitchTV every day of this week and continue with a high frequency in the following days, as far as possible. Today we will have live there, you just need to access our Twitch channel and follow up.

It’s worth following the channel and maybe even downloading the Twitch App to your Smartphone, so you’ll be notified whenever we go live, allowing you to watch live and also comment live, interacting with us and with other people watching.

As for games, in general, on YouTube we will reserve Saturday to post content in this sense, however, they will not be gameplays necessarily, there will be different videos, it is worth keeping an eye on, the videos will always leave at 7 pm there, and thus, we will have 7 videos per week! ?

The time has come to show that Linux can be used for gaming fun in the internet gamers’ den, which is Twitch! Sign you in for the #LinuxGamersGeneration!

Let’s go join us on Twitch so we have an appointment every day after 7:30 pm, just stay tuned! ?

See you later!