«A Smile with ICTs» in 3rd edition

A Smile with ICT returns with a new generation

The FDTI – Foundation for the Dissemination of Information Technologies marks on October 7, the beginning of the third phase of the «Um Sorriso com TIC» initiative. The Garcia de Orta pediatric unit is the first to receive the initiative in this new phase of the project, which will involve a total of eight hospitals.

Supported by the Ministry of Health and the State Secretariat for Youth and Sports, the «Um Sorriso com TIC» project aims to provide the pediatric areas of public hospitals with technological infrastructures that allow hospitalized children moments of leisure and monitoring by family or friends.

The initiative is aimed at children admitted to pediatric units in hospitals from 4 to 12/14 years of age, to technicians, hospital volunteers and the families of these children.

The operationalization of the project is achieved through the combined implementation of infrastructures (multimedia computers with broadband Internet connection) and playful-training content for hospitalized children.

The project also includes specific training for hospital technicians and children’s relatives, in order to guarantee correct and effective monitoring of children in the use of equipment.