A Slide for you to introduce Linux to others


Hello people, how are you? I hope well! Today I want to share with you a file that I found inside one of my “semi-ripped” HDs, which I was checking to see how it works, this is a slide show made in LibreOffice Impress with some interesting topics about the presentation of the Linux for a lay audience.

Honestly, I’m not sure what was the reason why I created these slides, it’s simple and small… if I’m not mistaken, it was in a week of technology presentation that was made in the company where I work.

The Slide is simple, with topics that I found interesting to be covered and images of the main graphical interfaces that the distributions use, some not so updated.

I hope it can be useful for you, of course, it needs a refurbished, an improved, an updated, a better finish. Who knows some transitions and effects huh? But it will be a good foundation for anyone who wants to show Linux to someone.

To the next!