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A simple MacBook Pro “problem” cost Apple more than $ 10,000 [atualizado]

This story is amazing. I mean, I don't know if "amazing" is the right word to describe it, but really I can only think of it. And I will briefly explain below for you to draw your own conclusions.

The problem

Greg Benz has a MacBook Pro. No, luckily he was not having problems with his keyboard (this butterfly mechanism, after all, is not for joking). The developer said his laptop failed again for the fourth time yesterday.

The first two times, Apple repaired the computer and replaced the logic board; When the "same problem" happened again, Apple went there and gave him a new MacBook Pro to solve everything once and for all. But to Benz's surprise, such a "defect" came back. What, after all, would happen?

Well, the screen of the MacBook Pro went completely black after turning on the machine even though you could hear the fan working. In addition, the only sign that the computer was alive was the light on the CAPS LOCK key, whose LED would come on / off when pressed.

Pear Summary: After two weeks, several Genius analyzing the problem, tests and more tests, and about $ 10,000 in repairs (logic cards, cables, and even a new computer; which came out of Apple's pocket as the computer was under warranty), the problem was discovered. You may not even believe it, but it's true. Prepared? So there you go: the screen brightness was 100% reduced. 😱

Benz works with an external monitor and said that in the past when using the notebook in clamshell (with the screen closed), some bugs caused the machine to go to sleep. To work around this problem, he would then leave the Mac open and completely dim the screen to focus on the external monitor. He would then turn off the machine to do other things, and when he returned, the screen was still “off,” appearing to be defective. 🤦🏻‍♂️

What got in the way

Some arguments may be used as a defense of Benz.

Example: even using macOS Recovery Mode or whatever, the screen was still completely blank. Other: On my MacBook Pro (2015 model), the keys that control brightness work normally after the machine turns on (ie I can change the screen brightness before logging in to macOS); on the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, no, as this is only available after login and as the Touch Bar itself is 100% off (as well as the keyboard backlight), it may even give the impression that there is a problem with the computer. . More: External monitors do not work during these steps (reboot and login); Also, you cannot use external keyboards to change the brightness of the screen.

That is, despite being quite simple, it can be quite complicated to make this diagnosis.

How the problem was solved

And how was the real problem discovered? A Genius used his iPhone flashlight to illuminate the Mac's display and noticed that the login screen was there, well hidden, but it was (he saw the circle with Benz's avatar).

Once logged in (he did it by typing the first letter of the username he and giving Enter, then typing the password and giving Enter again), he could finely adjust the screen brightness.

That was probably the most bizarre problem you ever came up with with a MacBook Pro, wasn't it? Here is the learning (both for us users and Apple itself that could easily avoid this problem by giving Macs a minimal screen brightness, ie when they restart). And I doubt nothing that a future update will change that, in fact.

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Update 6/18/2019 13:03

In an update to his blog, Benz reported that the black screen (which was still trying to increase brightness) when starting up the MacBook Pro was something specific to his computer, probably due to some software conflict. Bottom line: In a normal environment (without this third party software conflict), it would be possible to increase the brightness of the screen after booting macOS using the Touch Bar.

Because of this, we tackle part of the text above.