A quarter of the world’s population is unaware of the Internet and half do not use it

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More than a quarter of the world population (26 percent) has never heard of the Internet, a significant number but still less than the number of people who have never had any contact with the network, about 55 percent of humanity.

The conclusions are part of an Alpha Research study that points to a total of 932 million Internet users worldwide, about one-sixth of the 6 billion inhabitants that make up humanity.

The least advanced countries in the use of Information Technologies are concentrated on the African continent, where the numbers demonstrate the economic fragility of the surrounding societies.

Thus, according to the study, Equatorial Guinea currently has 900 Internet users, Liberia with 600, Congo with 500 and Somalia with 200 users.

For their part, the more developed countries absorb the bulk of Internet users and they should be the ones to make the biggest contribution to the expected explosion in the number of users, expected in the coming years.

Leading this list are countries like the United States or China, but in the latter case, given the high number of inhabitants in the country, since Internet penetration is still very low, IBL News quoted in the study.

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