A quarter of broadband subscribers use mobile access technologies

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A little more than four of the broadband users accounted for by Anacom at the end of the first quarter (27.2 percent) this year use mobile technologies to access the service.

According to these figures from the regulator, of the 2.083 million registered users, 573 thousand already used mobile broadband, against the 1.51 million who used fixed access technologies.

In the period under review, broadband services gained 50 thousand new customers, with the technology reaching 20 in every 100 inhabitants, a number that represents a growth of 19 percent compared to the same period last year and 3.4 percent. percent compared to the last three months of 2006.

Looking only at fixed access technologies, the broadband penetration rate stood at 14.3 percent, staying roughly at the same level as in the previous quarter, with the majority of users opting for ADSL (63 percent).

This is despite the fact that, in the first three months of the year, cable grew more sharply than ADSL (3.7 percent versus 3.1 percent), which has not happened since this technology started to lead in terms of the number global access.

With regard to mobile access technologies, a penetration of 5.4 percent was found.

The growth figures are not presented by Anacom, which collects data in a normalized way for the first time this quarter, in this segment.

The Portugal Telecom group’s share in the broadband market fell further in the quarter, albeit slightly (0.6 percent) to 71 percent.

The regulator also adds that half of the new customers acquired in the period (49 percent) opted for the services of alternative operators.

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