A Portuguese app has already enabled more than 75,000 border controls in just one month

A Portuguese app has already enabled more than 75,000 border controls in just one month

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, new security requirements arise in the verification of the entrances and exits of the territories. In Portugal, border control started on March 16 with the entry into force of the State of Emergency will continue, at least, until June 15. Within a month, SEF Mobile, an application developed by the Portuguese company Present Technologies, allowed the Foreigners and Borders Service to carry out more than 75,000 border controls without resorting to physical contact.

The application was developed to respond to new European border control legislation. Although initially conceived with the control of air and sea areas in mind, the COVID-19 pandemic ended up creating challenges in terms of verifying land borders.

SEF Mobile Application | Present Techonogies credits: Present Techonogies

In a statement, Present Technologies explains that, when it became known that land borders were going to be controlled due to the State of Emergency, SEF Mobile had to be quickly adapted to respond to a new reality.

The process was not easy, admits Paulo Martins, COO and one of the founders of Present Technologies, because due to the pandemic, the entire company had entered into a teleworking regime. However, in two weeks, the company was able to provide SEF with a functional version of the application.

For Erica Santos, SEF Inspector and responsible for operationalizing the solution on the ground, the application has become an essential tool. The official explains that, in addition to increasing efficiency, the application is helping to ensure the safety of all those involved in the process of controlling fountains.