A planet ruled by love

A planet ruled by love

A project made by Google and the non-profit organization, 826 Valencia, appeared today on the official Google channel on Youtube.

The project was to unite the creativity of children from schools and low-income communities with Google’s virtual reality technology using the Tilt Brush, in 360 degrees.

The 826 people introduced the theme, «What would it be like to live on a planet governed by love?», Brainstormed with the children and then asked them to write down what they thought to answer the theme.

The result you can check below and we must remember that Google has always been trying to encourage children’s creativity during the past few years.

Among them is the children’s version of YouTube, YouTube Kids, for the Toontastic 3D creative skills development app, and through competitions to choose new Doodles, all to show that we should care what the little ones have to say .